Private Applicators

The private pesticide applicators license is required for individuals to purchase and use – or supervise the use of – a restricted use pesticide on your property or the property of your employer to produce a commodity (agricultural, horticultural, or forestry). According to the Georgia Pesticide Use and Application Act of 1976, examples of individuals who might benefit from this license include (but are not limited to):

  • Farmers
  • Ranchers
  • Vineyardists
  • Plant propagators
  • Christmas tree growers
  • Aquaculturists
  • Floriculturists
  • Orchardists
  • Foresters

This pesticide application license does not allow you to charge a fee or collect anything of value in return. If you want to charge a fee for pesticide applications, please visit Pesticide Contractor’s License under Commercial Applicators.

For more information on obtaining a private license, continuing education, and additional training see the following details:

Obtaining a Private Applicators License

Step 1

Purchase course access for the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training Program. You will receive an order confirmation immediately after purchasing course access, please keep this for your records. Step-by-step instructions on how to purchase access to the training can be here:

How to purchase access to the UGA Private Applicator Certification Training Course (PDF)

Notice: Course enrollment is granted during normal business hours each weekday by the program coordinator. Do not be alarmed if you do not receive your welcome e-mail immediately after purchase. Dr. Johnson will enroll students into the course during normal business hours each weekday, typically around 10:00am EST or 4:00pm EST.

Step 2

Complete the training course with a passing grade of 70% or higher.

Step 3

Print the Certificate of Completion, and complete the Private Pesticide Applicators License Application, with Verification of Lawful Presence if needed.

Step 4

Take application forms and Certificate of Completion to your local county Extension agent.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Division will review your application, and when approved, send it to the Licensing Division who will print and issue your license in 3-4 weeks.

Temporary License Numbers

Temporary license numbers are available for individuals who need to purchase a restricted use pesticide immediately. Upon completion of the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training Program, take completed application materials, certificate of completion, plus the form requesting a temporary license number to your county agent. Ask your agent to call the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Division (404-656-4958) to obtain a temporary license number to allow you to purchase and use restricted use pesticides.

Private Applicator License Renewal and Recertification

A private pesticide applicator’s license is valid for 5 years after issue date.

3 hours of recertification credits must be earned no later than 90 days before your license expires to avoid re-taking the Georgia Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Training Program.

Recertification credits can be earned by attending certain growers’ meetings, Cooperative Extension presentations and short courses, or by viewing video recordings of those meetings or classes that have been pre-approved by the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Division for Category 10 (Private Applicators) credit hours.

Notice: No more than 1 hour of recertification credit may be from viewing a video or webinar attendance for private applicators.

For more information on continuing education opportunities, please visit Continuing Education.

Required Training to Use Paraquat

As required by EPA’s Paraquat Dichloride Human Health Mitigation Decision and amended paraquat dichloride labels, certified applicators must complete an EPA-approved training program before mixing, loading, and/or applying paraquat that is valid for 3 years after completion.

This includes (but is not limited to) any person transporting or storing opened pesticide containers, cleaning equipment, disposing of excess pesticides, spray mix, equipment wash waters, pesticide containers, and other materials containing paraquat.

The EPA-approved online training is available from the National Pesticide Safety Education Center: Paraquat Training. More information on EPA’s 2016 Paraquat Human Health Mitigation Decision can be found here: Paraquat Dichloride

Required Recordkeeping

The 1990 Farm Bill requires private pesticide applicators to record applications of restricted use pesticides. Each restricted use pesticide application made by a private applicator must be recorded within 14 days and records must be maintained for 2 years. The 9 required details that must be recorded within 14 days of each restricted use pesticide application are:

  1. Brand or product name
  2. EPA registration number
  3. Total amount of product used
  4. Month, day, and year of application
  5. Location of treated area
  6. Crop, commodity, stored product, or site to which the restricted use pesticide was applied
  7. Size of area treated
  8. The name of the certified private applicator who applied or supervised the application of the restricted use pesticide
  9. The certification number of the private applicator who applied or supervised the application of the restricted use pesticide

Reciprocal Licenses

Currently, Georgia has reciprocal license agreements with Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you have a private pesticide applicator license from Georgia, you may use restricted use pesticides in any of these other states. Contact the state’s Department of Agriculture for any other state in which you may be interested in.